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There has been at least one positive outcome from the demise of another metal detecting organisation
which has resulted in the formation of the

Association for Metal Detecting Sport (AMDS)

You now can make the right choice and join us.


The Association for Metal Detecting Sport was established towards the end of 2021 when several long serving metal detectorists were deprived of insurance and a voice for their respective regions. In order to continue pursuing their hobby and to protect themselves and their regional members, they helped establish a new membership organisation supported and financed by a concerned benefactor and a team of willing volunteers.  Membership and benefits include an insurance scheme that was designed to offer competitive insurance to all metal detectorists at reasonable rates i.e. £5:00 per year membership. The aim was to fill the vacuum that exists between ordinary detectorists and the decision makers that have influence over the hobby. 


From 1st January 2023 membership applications can be for ONE, TWO or THREE years. 


AMDS will always endeavour to have the best interests of its members at the heart of all its deliberations. By joining AMDS you will be helping to put personal involvement back in the hobby. It is our policy to influence those at the very heart of the establishment i.e. the NFU, CLA, PAS and Government.


To this end AMDS have people who have experience spanning over 40 years, who were heavily involved in the introduction of the Treasure Act 1996, Green Waste - Waste not wanted, Nighthawking, Heritage Initiative etc., and who continue to do so actively.

The AMDS has no affiliations to ANY other organisations, including the IoD, NCMD, FID, and the AoD.

Here is the information about who we are: -

Jed Walker (Webmaster and Media Consultant) has worked in the media for many years and uses a pseudonym as an investigative journalist, with several other well connected individuals that wish to remain anonymous. These individuals have helped the Midland, Western, Southern and Yorkshire regions when a group of unconstitutional individuals seized control of the organisation they were all members of. That organisation used a web site and Facebook page to spread misleading information and propaganda against these regions. Comments were censored without having the decency to even allow an opportunity for those four regions to respond. The FACTS web site (click HERE to view) has enabled the truth to be made available to the hobby.  
John Wells BA in Business Administration (Data Controller, Executive Officer) was asked to join AMDS and has agreed for which we are delighted. He is the Chairman of the Midland Region, a position he has held for the past 40 years. He was a member of the NCMD since its inception and achieved the positions of Chairman for 18 years, President 6 years, and Honorary President for the last 3 years. He was also instrumental in leading the team of extremely talented volunteers who liaised with the Government, the Home Office, the British Museum in bringing about the Treasure Act 1996 that replaced the ancient law of Treasure Trove. He was invited to provide assistance to AMDS when his membership was terminated with no right to appeal. He is keen to provide metal detectorists with better value and representation for their subscription. This has been lacking for some past years whilst officers of his former organisation encouraged the growth of the central register simply in order to collect membership funds.

David Rees Cert. Ed. (Heritage and Training Consultant) was asked to join AMDS and we are delighted he accepted our invitation. He is a qualified teacher and Associate College Lecturer. He has been the elected Chairman of the Western Region for five years and has been metal detecting for over 40 years. During those years he has been the Chairman of three clubs in his region, and also the lead since 2019 of the Heritage Watch Initiative working with Heritage England, the Police and others authorities. This partnership has provided free awareness training to metal detectorists to help prevent and detect rural and heritage crime. He has created and successfully delivered a beginners course in metal detecting for over six years to adult learners. Just as the pandemic eased in 2021, he delivered the first sessions of a new course he created entitled Metal Detecting Familiarisation for Law Enforcement. He has now created a number of new courses to help expand interest in the hobby with younger learners, and these will be offered to schools and other academic organisations when appropriate. 

Rachel Edwards (Membership Secretary) has been interested in the hobby for many years, and is a retiree with a business background in distribution. She joined AMDS to assist and oversee membership matters on a day to day basis.  

Teresa Barnett (Advertising) has been metal detecting for many years and has a sales background having worked in social media marketing and the print industry.     

Cat Thomas (Media and marketing) has been metal detecting for many years and has a sales background having worked in social media marketing and the print industry.     

William Fitzpatrick (Accounts) is a retired company director and helped with financial assistance in the planning and setting up stages of this organisation. He is keen on history, and believes that responsible metal detecting and the reporting of finds to the PAS is important for sustainability of the hobby. He is against legislation and forced restrictions to the hobby that has greatly contributed to our heritage and changed the history in the UK.    

The others in the team are all connected with legal and other professions and not metal detecting or archaeology, and they wish to remain anonymous and their NDA is respected. Gratitude is expressed for their continuing assistance. 

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