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Some of the AMDS benefits of membership

(These benefits may be subject to changes from time to time during a year)

  • There is no joining fee,

  • The AMDS year is from 1st January until 31st December,

  • The annual subscription is ONLY £5:00 per AMDS year, with NO postage stamps, NO photographs required, NO hidden extras, but a FAST processing of memberships all year round, 

  • You can apply to join for One, TWO, or THREE years and the membership card will automatically be issued each year, click to JOIN HERE

  • Membership benefits include a £10,000,000 Public Liability Insurance. The Public Liability insurance covers members whilst taking part in any metal detecting on land with the permission of the landowner, (responsible metal detecting) and it includes taking part in metal detecting at commercial detecting events,

  • FREE Model Detecting Search Agreement (MDSA) that can be viewed and downloaded from within the members' area,

  • Insurance claims are to be submitted to AMDS using the email address The claims will be then passed to the insurance provider, and once the insurance provider investigates and reaches a decision any excess will be paid by AMDS,

  • Membership is available to all ages. A member under the age of 16 years must be accompanied by an adult member of AMDS when metal detecting,

  • The membership card has a plastic weather resistant covering, 

  • In place of a membership card you can request an environmentally friendly digital membership document that is always with you on your mobile phone,

  • There is a very experienced, and hard working hobby-related management team with a proven track record going back over 40 years,

  • Members can have access to the AMDS Times Magazine produced several times each year,

  • Members can join the AMDS Private Facebook group,

  • The Facebook group allows buying and selling detecting related products between members, 

  • Members will be provided with opportunities when available for hobby related discounts,

  • There will be an annual detecting related competition,

  • Members can consider metal detecting related educational courses when made available,

  • For individual members with restricted mobility there are additional benefits outlined within the members area,

  • Password protected members only area on web site,

  • Applicants for membership must reside in England, Wales, Northern Ireland or Scotland,

  • Individuals visiting England, Wales, Northern Ireland or Scotland to metal detect can apply for membership by contacting for help and further information,

  • You can JOIN HERE.

  • NEW - Click HERE to see and buy AMDS merchandise,

  • We now have a membership what is termed as a Social AMDS Membership (SAM). This is for individuals that are not resident in the UK, or no longer metal detect but wish to be a member to support our efforts on behalf of the hobby. The application and subscription costs are the same, and these members are issued with digital proof of the AMDS membership. This membership excludes the benefit of our Public Liability Insurance when metal detecting. Before applying for this membership email Rachel at to discuss. 

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