Some of the benefits of membership

  • There is no joining fee,

  • The annual subscription is ONLY £5:00,

  • Membership includes a £10,000,000 Public Liability Insurance,

  • The Public Liability insurance covers members whilst taking part in any metal detecting on land with the permission of the landowner, (responsible metal detecting) and it includes taking part and metal detecting in commercial detecting events,

  • The membership card has a plastic weather resistant covering, 

  • There is a very experienced, and hard working hobby-related management team with a proven track record,

  • Members can receive the AMDS newsletter produced twice each year,

  • Members can join the AMDS Private Facebook group,

  • The Facebook group allows buying and selling detecting related products between members, 

  • Members will be provided with opportunities when available for hobby related discounts,

  • There will be an annual detecting related competition,

  • Members can consider metal detecting related educational courses when made available,

  • Password protected members only area on web site.

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