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The 20th January meant that AMDS passed ONE MONTH since its launch, and the membership applications have far surpassed forecast numbers. New members will continue to to welcomed. Once issued with the membership card and number, it is recommended that all members sign into the members' area and enjoy benefits that will continue to be provided there for them. 

Friday 8th January 2022 and Peter Spencer's web site has a very good new piece about the NCMD.

You can click HERE to view it.

COVID UPDATE from Brian Vaughan the Western Region Secretary 22/12/21 

New restrictions come into force in Wales from the 26 Dec. Outdoor events are limited to 50 persons with a maximum of 30 indoors, unless you meet in a pub (like my club) were its groups of 6. We will have to collect contact details again at any rally. So no club meeting for at least 6weeks.