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AMDS Interesting news items

are added as they become news and then removed

9th November 2023 - The Daily Express article click HERE

The Model Detecting Search Agreement (MDSA) is now available (September 2023) to members in the private area of this web site. As a member you can create an account, log in and download your copy. 

AMDS Times issue 4 (Autumn 2023) is now available in the members area.

What is LSR? Create your account and Log into the member's area for further information.

A great range of AMDS clothing is now available, click HERE.

AMDS membership from 1st January 2023 can be made for ONE, TWO, or THREE years, and the membership card for the two or three years will be automatically issued in December of the preceding year.

Once issued with the membership card and number, it is recommended that all members create an account and sign into the member's area and enjoy benefits that will continue to be provided there for them. 

Friday 8th January 2022 and Peter Spencer's web site has a very good new piece about the NCMD.

You can click HERE to view it.

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