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The AMDS TIMES is going to be our new flagship publication, and it will be produced in a digital format and FREE to members. The first edition has been published and will be circulated via email. A copy will be available as a download from within this members area of our web site.

The AMDS TIMES will provide hobby related News, Articles, Reviews, a Crossword, and much more. 

If you can write an interesting article about the hobby, or write about a find you made or research, or a metal detecting related story you would like to share with other members, then you can submit this to us at and get your name in print. Everyone is welcome to have a go.

Your written work can include images, and links to web sites, such as YouTube etc. A maximum of 600 word count is good to aim for, and images in a .jpeg format.  

Other ideas: -

  • You could write about your favourite metal detector and the settings you have found that work well for you in various ground and site conditions.

  • Write a short review about a company that is helpful and gave you great customer service.

  • Write about an accessory you have found that you just cannot do without.

The four regions now working together as the Affiliated Regions for Metal Detecting (ARMD) will be providing a round-up of what is going on in each region in future editions, and we already have some great short articles that have been submitted by some of their individual members.

The AMDS TIMES is something for you to look forward to reading and enjoying.

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