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In the UK it is recommended that all metal detectorists have a £10,000,000 third party Public Liability Insurance to cover them when responsibly metal detecting. At AMDS we can provide membership with a benefit of this insurance cover. We are keen that all historical items, artefacts and coins found by foreign metal detectorists when metal detecting in the UK are firstly reported to the local Finds Liaison Officer (FLO). If they are to be removed from the UK then an export licence should be correctly applied for by the individual wishing to remove any artefact or coin.


What are the penalties for export control in the UK?

Under the terms of the Export Control Act 2002, the maximum penalty for deliberate and premeditated attempts (successful or otherwise – you are not treated more leniently just because you were an incompetent attempted proliferator who got caught) to break the UK's export control regulations is up to 10 years in prison. You can therefore conclude that breaking the UK Export Control Act is taken very seriously.

Our Foreign Visitors Guide was written with the assistance of several leading figures in the archaeological community. Click on the cover image above for a copy of the guide. For any further assistance please email

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