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Items stolen from members

This page is a first for any metal detecting organisation, and it is intended to help give publicity to any items stolen from members. This can be metal detecting equipment, or indeed finds that are made by members but stolen from them. Theft is a serious offence when a person dishonestly takes property belonging to someone else with the intention of not returning it to its rightful owner. The maximum sentence in theft cases is seven years' imprisonment, and or an unlimited fine. Thieves need to be caught especially when they steal from metal detectorists items that may not have a monetary value, but the value is in the fact it was found by the loser. You can make a report to AMDS using the email and if you wish to remain anonymous that will be respected as we just want to catch the thieves and where possible have the stolen items returned to their rightful owners.  

Item 1

This item 1 is a photograph above of the Charles 1 Shilling that along with two other Charles 1 shillings and five other coins that were stolen when the loser visited a club in Sharnford, Leicestershire to give a talk on Metal Detecting on 22nd March 2024. This coin is distinctive being a second milled edition by the French engraver Nicholas Briot. The coin is a product of Briot’s second hammered issue. It is fairly obvious that it was struck by hand but it is equally obvious that the dies are of a higher quality than normal for the Tower Mint. If you are offered any of these coins please contact the Hinckley police on 0116 222 2222

charles-I-shilling 1 (1)_edited.png
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